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Public Relations: Request for Publicity

The Public Relations Office at Fitchburg State University works with local, state and national media to promote news and information about the university and its respective departments and organizations.

To promote news and events, please fill out the following form and submit your information. The contents will be shared with the Public Relations Office.

To ensure timely coverage/consideration by the media, information should arrive at the Public Relations Office three weeks before the date of the event. This deadline allows for writing, editing, photo needs and sufficient notification to media outlets.

Public Relations will publish the information based on your preferences. You may submit information for publication among any or all of the following options:

  • A press release, which is sent to our print, radio and television distribution list and is published on the Fitchburg State University News Web site,
  • Fitchburg State Today, the university newsletter which prints every two weeks
  • The Social Web calendar, which can be accessed through the university Web site,
  • The Parent Newsletter, an e-mail newsletter distributed on the 15th of every month
  • The university‚Äôs Facebook site which has a calendar of events (you must be logged in to Facebook to view this page)

After your information is submitted, Public Relations will call you for confirmation and follow up. If the Public Relations Office writes a press release, it will be submitted to you for final approval before it is distributed to media or published in university publications.

For more information, contact Matt Bruun, Public Relations Office, Ext. 4694, or

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If you have photos that illustrate this news/event/information you may upload them here or deliver using the instructions below.

Please write a caption for your photo. We need the names of people in the photo and a description of what is happening in the photo.

Photo Caption:

Photo Caption:

Digital files must be in GIF, JPEG or TIFF formats. Each image must be 2MB or less in size.

Digital photos MUST BE 300 dpi, and at least 8 X 6. We CANNOT accept images sized for the Internet. They are too small to submit to media. We do accept print photography. Please submit print photos to Public Relations, Room 202, Sanders Administration Building.