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The All University Committee (AUC) is an elected governance committee of Fitchburg State University. The committee was founded in 1971 with the duty of policy recommendations in areas of concern to the entire college community. The current governance procedures for the AUC Proposals as sanctioned by the Collective Bargaining Agreement began in AY 1979/80. In AY 2008/09, the process moved to an electronic format in which all actions are recorded in the online index below.

During this governance process, proposals are submitted to the committee chair and assigned a proposal number. The committee refers the proposal to the appropriate sub-committee for review and recommendation. Upon return from the sub-committee, the AUC makes a recommendation to the University President. The President has final authority to approve or not approve the proposal. In certain situations as required by the Board of Higher Education, the proposal may be forwarded for approval to the Board of Trustees. Final approval from the Board of Trustees is included in their own minutes.

AUC records are available in the following ways:

  • AUC proposal and actions, 2008-present, are indexed below with full record of the action below including amendments, committee assignments and actions.
  • AUC proposals and actions, 1979-present, are indexed below with basic information below.
  • The All College Committee Records, 1966-present are housed in the University Archives and include the full record of the action including proposals, amendments, attachments, correspondence, minutes and actions.
  • The All College Committee Digital Archives aim to provide full-text, searchable access to AUC proposals from 1979 to 2007. Expected to take several years, the collection will be added to continuously until completed.

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